101 premier massage Bangkok Review

101 premier massage is one of my favorite oily massage parlors in Bangkok. And is 101 premier massage bangkokone of the places I do regularly visit at least 1 time a year. My other 3 favorite oily places that regularly visit are EZ, Angel, and dream massage.

Now, 101 is located in Sukhumvit 26 beside Sukhumvit 24/1, which is a very famous corner filled with massage parlors, extremely popular with Asian customers, also because many of this business is oriented indeed towards Japanese customers. But that adds fun to the experience and I love this little street with passion.

I have visited 101 premier massage every year since 2014 several times and I always felt satisfied with the quality.

My last visit to 101 premier massage

The first thing to point out is that 101 has a very useful website. So I usually first just go through their website and sort of make my mind before going to the place.

Now, as I said, I love Sukhumvit 24, so many good joints in here. Coming here feels familiar. The street looks seedy as hell but is actually very safe.

Once there, and after I enter 101, I am always presented with a photo book filled with pictures to choose from. This has not changed and the big book has been the operation of 101 for many years and so, I was not surprised that in 2018 they are still doing this photobook thing. So just go with the flow and pick by a photo.

I actually never bothered asking the mamasan for a lineup because I know what she would say. But anyways, picking by the photo it is. That is risky because the photos are photoshopped heavily, and something else that I noticed is that many of the girls were busy. The good thing about the book is that I can take my time picking as I feel no pressure whatsoever.

What the actual room at 101 premier massage looks like.

I think one of the reasons they might use the catalog is because the place is oriented toward Japanese and Koreans. So they operate a little different.

The other reason is that the place is very popular. And so there is a fair deal of customers coming and going. Doing lineups might not be that convenient.

Now, I picked a girl named Amm, who I thought was fairly young, not so short, and cute. Upon meeting the girl in person I was glad and relieved that she looked 80% like the photo. And she was cute. So the risky move paid off. :p

After I picked my Thai cutie, I indicated that I wanted the Jacuzzi option which included 90 minutes. I reckon a shower room and 1 hour is perfectly fine too.

1 hour is more than enough. In fact, that is the setup I recommend, save your coins for a next visit.

The rooms are fairly clean but not luxurious at all. They have in fact very little decoration and they are very simple to merely serve the purpose with cleanliness, and that’s fine.

Once in the room, the girl did a very solid job and she was very professional. Everything felt kind of mechanic, but afterward, we spent a lot of time talking and she relaxed, in which I discovered that she was quite charming and that her English was fairly good. She even claimed to be able to speak Japanese, which didn’t surprise me.


The experience was very good and I enjoyed it as I always do here. The price is fair, the rooms are small but I don’t expect otherwise. They have many girls available but often many of those are busy. Many of the girls are beautiful and they also have a good rotation, because every year that I go there, they have a decent amount of new girls.

I visit 101 premier massage every year and I never been let down. Their website works wonderfully to plan a visit in advance because they have plenty of updated pictures.

  • Operation: Pick by catalog.
  • Price: 1 hour 2300, or 1.5 hour Jacuzzi room 2500. More options available.
  • 101 is a very popular parlor and so many of the girls are already chosen. Plan in advance, they open from 11 am to 12 pm.
  • Website: http://www.101premiermassage.com/en/. One of the best websites of all the oily places. Useful and updated.
  • Outcall possible.
  • The best: Very reputable massage place operating in Shukumvit for many years. Good prices, good girls.
  • The bad: Choosing a girl by a picture is perhaps not ideal. The place is popular that sometimes I feel only the leftovers are available.






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