BKK48 massage parlor review

Bkk48 is a good massage parlor located in Sukhumvit 22. That might be a bit confusing numbering right there. But it hit me that the name might be related to the Japanese group of AKB48, hence BKK48. It made even more sense when we think this massage place is aimed towards Japanese clientele.


It was also a tricky place to find. From Phrom Phong BTS you will need to take exit 6 and head to Shukumvit 22 or check this map provided by this shop here. Or, check the video I include at the end of the post for further directions.

The place is located in an alley close to Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, in a cluster also famous for the concentration of happy ending massages.

My experience on BKK48

I have visited BKK48 a total of 2 times including my last time this last week, and I can vouch that the quality of the girls in this place is good. The shop looks like a very small shop from outside but it’s actually a middle-sized oil massage parlor.

Cute girls. All I ask for.

Upon entering the shop a nice looking mamasan greeted me and explained to me the operation and prices. I was tempted to ask the mamasan If I could actually choose her, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to make angry the wrong person. So anyway, I waited for the lineup.

I was presented with about 6 girls that looked really solid. A couple 5’s, but I would give the other four girls 6 to 8 points. Not bad. Even more, when the mamasan pointed to me that BKK48 has about 2 dozen girls working on their payroll. Not bad at all.

I did choose a very brown skinned slender beauty and choose a 1,5-hour service. And I also did chose a nurse cosplay. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have a thing for nurses. Total damage amounted to 2500THB. Average price for this joints.

The girl was super nice, and the rooms were much cleaner than what I expected. She helped me with the shower, and she dressed in the nurse attire afterward. She was too skinny for the costume to be much sexy tbh but still, it was a decent touch. She did the full service, and a blowjob bareback with the right attitude.

Also, if you guys need a place to stay in this lovely area of Asok I do recommend Citrus Sukhumvit 22. Good also if you guys want to use outcall as this hotel doesn’t have joiner fees.

Now that's a Donut I want to eat. Yep, her name is Donut.
Now that’s a Donut I want to eat. Yep, her name is Donut.
Ja from BKK48 massage parlor.
Ja from BKK48 massage parlor.


I was happy overall. BKK48 is a place worth returning to. But with so much choice in the neighborhood, I always end up forgetting. 😀

I think the girl provided a decent GF experience without going into kissing and all that jazz. But I don’t demand kisses either. I never kiss or cunningulus Thai whores, period, but to each it’s own.

Pricing bracket:

  • 1 hour: 2200 THB
  • 1,5 hours: 2300 THB
  • 2 hours: 2400 THB
  • Balls massage/vibrator: +300 THB
  • Cosplay: +200 THB
  • Outcall: 3000THB/2hours.
  • Operation: Sofa lineup.
  • Quantity of girls: Sufficient.
  • Quality of girls: Quite high.
  • BKK48 websitehttp://bkk48.x.fc2.com/ Dismal and seriously bad website. Some features don’t work like the pictures, and it needs maintenance. But at least it contains the basic information in both English and Japanese tho.
  • The good: Solid and respectable establishment.
  • The bad: Confusing name, might be hard to find.





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