Chiang Mai nightlife and girls guide updated 2018

Chiang Mai is the most important city of the North of Thailand, a cultural hub, the 2nd city of Thailand when it comes to population and perhaps the 4th ranked in importance when it comes to nightlife.

No doubt Chiang Mai nightlife is quieter than Bangkok and Pattaya because is a much smaller city, but that also might be a good thing for some.

Chiang Mai girl


1. Girly Bars in Chiang Mai

There are 4 areas for girly bars in Chiang Mai:

  1. Loi Kroh Road. Plenty of places, poor quality of girls.
  2. Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex. Over 25 girly bars in here, a little better on quality.
  3. Chiang Mai Old Town. Some great spots in here, Zoe in Yellow pub has really cute girls. And the booze is cheap too.
  4. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Must-place place, but don’t stay for the girls. 😉

The best time to hit the girly bars is from 8 to 10 pm onwards. Just a little bit late in the evening.

The setup in this kind of places is the usual.

A customer walks in, orders a beer. A lady will approach and ask the same recycled questions they ask every customer:

  • Where you come from?.
  • What is your name?.
  • How old are you?.

Etc, they might invite you to play pool. Or ask you for a lady drink at some point. If things go smoothly for you, after a few drinks, you can offer to bar fine the girl:

  • 500 or so for the barfine.
  • 1000 Baht short time.
  • 2000-3000 long time.

Pricing might vary, and they might ask for more. Barter down a little won’t be seen with bad eyes. Negotiate the price, guys.

2. Go Go Bars in Chiang Mai

Yes, my good man. Chiang Mai is not only temples. They rock some Go-Go bars too. This is some of the most well-known Go Go bars in Chiang Mai:

Foxy Lady

Foxy is the best Go Go establishment in Chiang Mai and the one I would check first. Located not far from the Night Bazaar.

Foxy Lady Chiang Mai

This strip club has really sexy girls on stage, drop dead slender gorgeous cuties. They also rock the dance-floor very furiously, man, they can move fast. The place is really comfy and one can admire the dance show with comfort.

  • Happy hour: 9 pm, 99 Baht beers.
  • Lady drinks: 130 Baht, 140 Baht for tequila.
  • Bar fine: 600 Baht and girls ask for
  • Short time: 2000 Baht for short time. (negotiable).


Spotlight A Go Go

Spotlight A Go Go don’t have so many hot girls as Foxy Lady and the place looks very different because the stage is a tad small too and they don’t dance as good.


Those who are not happy with Foxy lady will not be very pleased with this place. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Beer: 95 Baht.
  • Lady drinks: 120 Baht / 135 Baht for tequila.
  • Bar fine: 700 Baht.
  • Short time: 1500 to 2000 Baht.

Sugar Beat

Sugar Beat is a Thai style coyote Go Go club. The spin is that they have a stage for the live band playing Thai songs. And some sexy dancers too.

Sugar beat Go Go Chiang Mai.
Sugar beat Go Go Chiang Mai.

This Go Go has comfortable couches and decent girls. The day I visited I arrived a tad too early just after the opening time and the place was so dead. So much that I left and came back later in the evening, and there was more action going on.

  • Beer 100 baht.
  • Lady drinks 150 baht.
  • There is a charge for girls sitting with you of 200 Baht per 30 minutes.

3. Night Clubbing in Chiang Mai

Zoe in Yellow

Zoe is the best nightclub Chiang Mai and the best place to have fun regardless of that if you are looking for naughty nighlife or not.

Is an extremely popular club and gets packed to boot every single night, with foreigners of all types, local and foreigner girls.

Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai
Zoe in Yellow, Chiang Mai

The main action happens at the outdoor bar and dance floor, but they also got indoor.

I think this place is popular because there are many people coming here and the drinks are cheap. Or is it packed because the drinks are cheap?. I think both. 🙂

  • Buckets: 300 baht
  • Cocktails: 140 baht
  • Beers: 70 baht

They close at midnight and it’s the place to be.

The other venues struggle to have the business half-full, but Zoe manages to get full at 10 pm or 11 pm. And people start partying outside when can’t get inside. Seriously hilarious.

Zoe in Yellow, This was their 8th Anniversary party.
Zoe in Yellow, This was their 8th Anniversary party.

Spicy Club

Spicy Club has a very similar theme as Zoe does. And in fact, many of Zoe In yellow customers are the same that go to Spicy when Zoe closes.

By the time Zoe in Yellow closes at midnight, many of the young people from Zoe’s head to Spicy that open until 6a6 am

A lot of Farangs and a lot of Thai girls as well.

  • Beers around 100 Baht.

This video shows some scenes of Spicy club and Zoe in yellow too.

4. Thai Style Night Clubs

Apart from Zoe and Spicy, there are other Thai styled Night Clubs available. But bear in mind that this is the kind of places where one would go with a group of friends, or as a girlfriend. Picking a table and purchasing some drinks like a bottle of whiskey. Chiang mai girls

Chill at your table, and listen to the live music playing Thai hits. Some popular places are:

  • Warm Up Cafe
  • Hotshot Pornping
  • Bubble

The Thai clubs in Chiang are fun, however, consider that the girls won’t make moves on you like the other girls in Zoe or Spicy club do.

I recommend the Warm up cafe. In fact, is a very well-known sport to party in Chiang Mai. Located in Nimmanhaemin Road is one of the city’s biggest clubs.

9 out of 10 Chiang Mai locals would recommend this joint. They even have a laid-back terrace where I did sit to chill.

The bands play Thai pop, and the DJ usually plays dance music in between sets and until close or heavy-bass. One of the best joints worth the visit.

Warm up cafe
The Warm-up cafe in Chiang Mai.

5. Soapy Massage Parlors in Chiang Mai

If you want to go straight to the point and bars are not your thing. Chiang Mai has a few soappy options.


Well, Sayuri is regarded as one of the biggest and best soapy joints in Chiang Mai.

But when I arrived there, the place was confusing as I could not figure where the fishbowl was. I started climbing the wrong stairs inside the building and got lost inside there. I freaked out just a little bit but luckily realized my error soon enough. Went back without bumping with anyone and finally found the bar which has the fishbowl crystal.

Inside there, nobody noticed me. Nobody greeted me, nobody offered me drinks. So anyway, I did sit down and stared at the girls behind the glass for 45 minutes. I didn’t like any of the out-of-shape or ugly girls so I just stand up and left. Without even crossing words with anyone. LOL.

  • Prices for drinks: No idea.
  • Prices for girls: 1000-2000 for 1,5 Hours.
Sayuri line up.
Sayuri bowl. You look from afar and behind a glass.

Ping Payom

Ping Payom has a similar setup as Sayuri, and this place is located adjacent to the Ping Payom Hotel.

I paid 100 for a beer that I barely touched because I only spent a grand total of 4 minutes to decide right away for a fair skin solid 7 Thai girl that I picked up right away.

  • Total damage: 1800-2500 THB.

Celeb @CNX

Celeb is a new place with modern facilities. And that is very good. The second very good thing is that Celeb is located not far from the Night Bazaar, so that makes transportation convenient.

Celeb fish bowl on a random day.
Celeb fishbowl on a random day.

The girl selection was fine, but those who are used to Bangkok quality might get picky. And I should know because I was picky myself, and one should realize that finding Penthouse tier models in Chiang Mai is gonna be hard.

Settle for what you can or jack off in the shower, is that simple.

Price: 1400 to 1,800 Baht. Based on looks, like anywhere else.


Pandora is relatively far away beside the railway station (check map below). So having a plan for transportation is recommended.

The place itself is a huge white building with a Greek theme, and that helps to find the place. But after I entered the place I wish I didn’t find the place because the girl selection was dismal.

If someone got lucky finding hot chicks in here please let me know, because I failed miserably.

  • Price: 1500-1800 to have an all-inclusive happy ending experience.

There is another joint north of Chiang Mai University, named “Chiang Mai Massage Parlour”, I haven’t been there myself but punters don’t talk great things about it.

There might be other soappy in town, but that’s part of the fun: exploring.

6. Happy ending massage in “normal” massage joints

“Normal massage” shops are those who are basically legit shops who would serve anyone, and most often than not they provide good decent relaxing massages.

The spin is that the employees of this shops also know the demands of the male customers, so they might a “happy ending” handjob or blowjob even. chiang-mai-narakmassageshop

To get one happy ending job one would ask for an oily massage. Thai massage does not (usually) include handjobs, my friends. Once the oily massage began, they will offer it asking the customer. Especially if the customer looks the part. But sometimes the girls might be too shy to talk to the farang.

The prices for such happy endings in Chiang Mai are as follows:

  • Hand Jobs: 500+ Baht
  • Blow Jobs: 800+ Baht
  • Short time sex: Not provided and don’t ask for it. Unless offered, which would be rare.

These small massage shops are scattered all around Chiang Mai. for example in Loi Kroh Road.

The situation is interesting, as there is some growing sexual tension going on as the message happens. Until she finally offers you to give you a handjob and she mentions how much the tip will be, which is pretty hot.

Mind that the tip is paid after you cum directly to the girl. Then when you go downstairs, you pay the original massage price at the cashier who might be another girl.

In my opinion, the girls on this joints don’t look all that good. I would stick to the soappy parlors or bars to look for the more pretty girls.

A map of the happy ending joints in Chiang Mai.

7. Karaoke entertainment in Chiang Mai?

The problem with Karaokes is that they aim for the Thai crowd, some might be honest but as a rule, they don’t want you there and they will scam you the most money they can. Sometimes very blatantly as they know you are a tourist and won’t be back or cause any major trouble for them. The reward is too big.

Karaoke places with sexy girls also exist in Chang Mai, but the amount of scams and overcharges these places pull is scary.

I recommend to stay away from those unless you know exactly what you are doing and are a local Chiang Mai resident, or either speak Thai, or you are visiting with Thai locals. You might end up overcharged badly.

There is a lot of good choices. Stick to the most well-known places and keep safe.

8. Good Hotels to stay in Chiang Mai

  1. Banthai Village Hotel. ☆☆☆☆.1600฿
  2. Amora Tapae Hotel. ☆☆☆☆ 1000฿
  3. Chala Number 6. ☆☆☆☆☆ 8000฿
  4. De Naga Hotel Chang Mai. ☆☆☆☆ 2300฿
  5. Le Canal Boutique House. ☆☆☆ 800฿

9. Chiang Mai nightlife map

10. In conclusion

Yes, Chiang Mai doesn’t offer as much nightlife as Bangkok or Pattaya. We heard that many times and it’s true.

But put it this way: the Bangkok population is 65 times the population of Chiang Mai, (8,22 million compared to Chiang Mai’s 120K population). Of course, there are more options in Bangkok.

Therefore I consider that for a small size like Chiang Mai the nightlife entertainment offer is really numerous.

In short, Chiang Mai is lovely, fun, quiet, the food is great and the place is safe. I can’t ask for more.






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