Poseidon complex Bangkok 2018 report

Poseidon is a large bath house located between Sutthisan MRT and Huai Khwang MRT, not far from Ratchada. Now when I say big I mean 5-star hotel chain big, a huge building for it. And when I say bathhouse I mean the Asian meaning for the bathhouse, which means, “large whorehouse”.

You won’t get a good massage here my friends, but you will leave happy. 

The place itself is an entertainment complex for the gentleman who knows what they want. The place has a Karaoke, a restaurant, and 2 different whore shops. One upscale and a fishbowl. The place is aimed towards Thai and Asian upscale customers but of course, greed is blind and they will allow inside anyone with cash.

The place is famous for the supposed Thai Penthouse models they have. To be honest, I saw the models lineup and I was largely unimpressed, but more on this later.

My report on Poseidon complex

My last visit to Poseidon was in early 2018. That day I did meet with a group of 3 old Korean friends who have been working in Bangkok for quite a while. We had dinner in a Korean restaurant at the T21 mall. Drank a few bottles of beer + Soju, and we decided to round up the night by unloading at Poseidon. A respectable plan.

We took a taxi and arrived really quickly since T21 is not too far from Poseidon.

Now I’m gonna say this: Poseidon has a surcharge fee of 500THB (fishbowl), or 1000THB (models) for foreigners. This gave me an extremely bitter feeling altogether. This surcharge is plain ridiculous, as any other surcharge applied to Farangs in this country. Can you guys imagine the vice-versa, if there was a surcharge to Thais in any Bangkok business? just unthinkable. 

Sure, I can afford to pay it, but this unfriendly move will undoubtedly 100% deter me from becoming a regular customer here.

Second tip. From the 1st floor, you can take an elevator that goes directly to the 3rd floor (Where the model and penthouse girls are located.), or go directly to the fishbowl located in the 2nd floor has the proper fishbowl.

So I and my affluent friends know what’s good and we headed straight to the Penthouse to see what’s the haps. We saw about 8 girls nicely dressed, and two of my friends picked a girl right away while my last friend and I agreed to go check the fishbowl first.

Now don’t get me wrong, the model tier girls were attractive and all. But I didn’t see what was the big buzz. Plus I was going to get overcharged for being a farang, so I decided to downgrade myself and go downstairs.

Once in the 2nd-floor fishbowl, I was attended by a nice papasan who explained to me in a decent and loud English what were the prices, the girls, gave me recommendations, and called me handsome. Yes, I know he on commission so I know his motivations.

This is how one of the rooms looks like @ Poseidon complex. The round bed says it all.
This is how one of the rooms looks like @ Poseidon complex. The round bed truly says it all.

I spotted a brown-skinned super slender girl who belonged to the most expensive tier. She was unusually tall and so I asked my new Papasan friend if she was a ladyboy. He laughed and said no. And so we closed the deal. You see, calling me handsome paid off after all.

2500 baht + for 1,5 hours plus 500 farang surcharge.

The girl claimed to be from Bangkok and to have worked in Poseidon for half a year. She did a solid job in a room that was very neat. Poseidon complex has really nice rooms and I believe some of the rooms can be more luxurious if you pay for them.

After 2 hours of lewd fun, I rejoined again with my pals who still had the energy to head to the Karaoke rooms to round up a lovely night. Yep. No kidding, god damn Karaoke.


Poseidon is a place aimed to those with spending power. The many different levels of prices aim to cater to those who can put down the cash.

  • Operation#1: 1 sofa lineup with upper tier models. The famous penthouse models everybody was talking about.
  • Operation#2: Fishbowl on the 2nd floor.
  • Quantity: Around 20 on the bowl, around 8 in the model’s section.
  • Quality: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but yeah, not bad quality.
  • Pricing: See table below.
  • The complex has a restaurant and Karaoke.
  • Website: www.poseidon2000.com Website is Okayish but doesn’t work so well. However it has a Thai, Korean and Japanese version. But they don’t display pictures of the girls.
  • The good: Soapy’s are legendary and a must try at least once. Sometimes the girls at the soappy upper price tiers are stunning.
  • The bad: A F$&@ surcharge.

Venus Showcase (2nd Floor) (2 hours)
No. xxx = 2000 baht
No. 3xx = 2200 baht
No. Vxx = 2500 baht
Foreign customer + 500 baht

Modeling Lobby (3rd Floor) (1,5 hours)
No. Pxx = 2,900 baht
No. Qxx = 3,500 baht
No. Sxxx = 4,500 baht
No. Txx = 5,500 baht
Foreign customer + 100 baht

The room is included. They have special rooms too for those with $$$.

And this is how Poseidon looks from the outside. Biggest whore house in the world?. I don’t know, but probably up there.

A very simple video that displays the exteriors of Poseidon building.





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