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Addict Massage is an oily massage parlor located in Sukhumvit Soi 24 besides the very famous EZ Massage one, in a busy cluster populated with many other massage joints known by many. Located beside the EMPORIUM mall.

Yaya from Addict massage

I have been exploring this side of Sukhumvit recently, which is also one my favorites, trying new shops and revisiting old ones.

In addict massage, I was quoted a whopping 3200 bath for 90 minutes of service. This made me initially want to leave. But I stayed to look at the lineup.

And thank god I did. Usually, in most lineups, I only notice one or two girls to catch my attention. But in here I noticed as many as 3 or 4 girls raise my eyebrow (nothing else, yet).

Worth mentioning too that hypothetically if none of the girls would catch your interest you guys can leave too. Politely stating a mild excuse, Ie: that you might come back later. Remember that this is Thailand and politeness matter. Indeed you can leave at any time, but the mamasan might get pissed too. Pissed off with a big smile that is.


Anyways, with the lovely lineup I was presented I immediately picked up a dark-skinned cutie, shortie but with a pretty face and with a great body.

Her English was incredibly limited and that affected the whole session, but still, it was great fun.

We went upstairs and the rooms are more decent and cleaner than those in other places. But nothing out of the ordinary. I played with the girl in the jacuzzi and so on. The girl was super friendly and she cared that I enjoyed. She smiled a lot more out of shyness that anything else. But that naivety was refreshing.



Overall it was a great experience. The only thing I didn’t fully like was to pay upfront. Not sure why they would adopt this policy but other joints are doing this too. Overall:

  • Operation: Lineup in a sofa.
  • Price: 3200 per 90min.
  • Quantity of girls: They claim to have 80+ girls. I saw a dozen or more.
  • Girls have uniforms which is great.
  • Renovated rooms better than many, but nothing spectacular.
  • Quality of girls: Decent ranging to good.
  • Address: 1/13-14 Sukhumvit Soi 2
  • Website: Website is so-so, but contains some necessary information.
  • The bad: Payment up front. The website has not been updated in ages.
  • The good: Large staff. Worth a visit
BOOM From addict massage.
“Boom” From addict massage. I like the name choice.
Pond from addict. Just!. Kickass!.
Pond from addict. Just!. Look at that. Kickass!.






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  1. Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the great work.

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