Analisa Massage is a massage parlor located on Sukhumvit Soi 22, not far from Asok BTS. A place with a reputation for giving prostate and tantric service.

Sukhumvit Soi 22 is full of massage shops where they’ll jack you off and probably more for the right price. This one is located on a dead-end alley. The sign is colorful and the shop is easy to find.

To stay in this area there’s plenty of choices, for example, I recommend Holiday Inn Sukhumvit or Marvel Hotel.

My review on Analisa Massage

Once there the Mamasan showed me photos, but the customer can ask for a lineup, which is actually a smart choice. This time I came knowing which girl I wanted to get service from since a pal of mine recommended me this place.  

The girl in question was a young cutie with a good shape. And I was pleased with the pick. For those who are wondering, yes, watching a lineup is always a preferable choice over photos. Because the photos often differ from reality.

In fact the pictures of Analisa Massage girls shown at their website are not so attractive, actually, quite the contrary. But my buddy confirmed me that the pictures at display are accurate, and the girls are pretty. Fair enough.

The menu consisted of tantric,  Oil Massages, Body to Body, BJ, Prostate Massage Course and Hand Job Courses. Ranging in prices from 1600THB to 2400THB for 90 minutes. One of the biggest price factors is actually the time. So to honor this special shop I chose a tantric body to body massage. Because why not.

My girl of choice was rather slim, and this was a worry since I choose a body to body option. A rather conservative choice I must add since this place offers prostate, Anal,  BDSM and all you can imagine… but that’s too much for me.

The room was fine and the girl was professional. She massaged me with so much energy and I was surprised she could put such an effort. So I insisted on her keep going with the massage for a good 45 minutes. By then I was so heated that cumming was just a mere formality of just putting the rubber on. I lasted 5 minutes… But well. It was really worth it 🙂

After that and the shower, and the little talk, and the time wasted. There were like 15 minutes left, and much like I expected I didn’t get anything else for those.


Overall it was a decent experience and what I will really remember about Analisa is the over-average massage, not even the girl.

  • Location: 6/12 Sukhumvit Rd 
  • Time: From 10am to 12:30 am.
  • Prices: Check menu. 90 minute tantric body to body: 2200 THB.
  • Amount of girls: Below average.
  • Quality of girls: Average.
  • Facilities: Very good.
  • Website: Good website


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