Stephen leather’s private dancer Book in pdf

The author Stephen Leather gives permission to distribute and download this e-book free so here we are. But I should point that the book is for sale too. A recommended purchase.

PrivateDancer-StephenLeather.pdf Download here

This PDF is the version with an Epilogue.

I share it mainly because I enjoyed the book and the insight is tremendous. A great compilation of learnings and food for thought.

Worth reading. The author claims that the characters are fictional but the stories are true.

What is the private dancer book about:

Relates the stories of various foreigners who live in Bangkok long-time, expats, or sexpats if you will.

They live in Bangkok basically for the abundance of prostitutes and the nightlife. Their life turns around the Thai hookers, and at the same time, they begin to disregard their well-being and their financial matters. The get caught in the game, basically.

The book is interesting because it also presents the story from the Thai point of view, and the Thai bar girls point of view. Which gives a tremendous hindsight and is very interesting.

What made me raise an eyebrow:

The book offers a very dark and grim vision about Thailand but I guess that’s expected. The story should have drama and something interesting to talk about otherwise, it might get boring, I accept that.

The stories are feasible but Thailand can be very beautiful and a rather “normal” place too.

What we should learn about this book:

  • Paying attention to the bits where they discuss Thai behaviors and customs.
  • Cross-cultural problems are so true.
  • Marrying a Thai hooker is dangerous stuff, actually marrying a hooker from anywhere else in the world has is weird stuff too.
  • First-time visitors to Thailand should really read this book, true.
  • Concepts like face and money are understood very differently in Thailand, very true.
  • First-time visitors might not understand a lot of parts in this book but that’s fine.
  • The book is based on the Thailand of 20 years ago but nowadays is about the same.
  • The guys who wire money to bar girl prostitutes from around the world are dumb and cucks?, In my opinion, yes, big time. But different people have a different ways of doing things, and of course, different bank accounts.






2 responses to “Stephen leather’s private dancer Book in pdf”

  1. Fun read I enjoyed this when I moved to Thailand, quite accurate that bargirls often have and prefer Thai boyfriends, for love, and look to farang for money. Don’t marry one, just rent! For a long term partner, middle class Thai girls with jobs often prefer westerners on a more genuine, intellectual level.

  2. thethaidude

    Yep. Give love and psychology advice is too hard for me, but caution is a very lovely thing.

    It also just came to mind once a Thai girl telling me that lying in English is not a lie. Coz it is not said in the Thai language, things are really complicated.

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