I heard plenty of good things about Tulip and I finally had time to try it out. The place is very conveniently located beside BTS Thonglor. Although the place itself is quite rundown.

In any case, it’s a good massage option for those staying in Thong Lor, an area with many fantastic hotels, including cheapo 5 stars hotels, among some bargains. Some Thonglor hotels I recommend:

Or check a full list for Bangkok hotels here.

2019 Tulip massage review

The girl I chose has been working in Tulip for a long time, or least that’s what she said. She had short hair up to the shoulders, plump body but not too fat and skin whiter than most other ladies. She said she was 28 years old from Chiang Mai. And I have to say that she’s one of the wildest women I’ve ever received a massage from with.

We both entered the room and she takes her things while I lie on the bed. After we got in the shower, she gives me a bj while she cleans my body and we both use mouthwash. Then we got on the bed and started kissing. Unfortunately, she does not kiss well, just superficial kisses and she gives me a cat / bj bath. 

Then I put on a rubber and after a pump, while she gave me a massage. Then I told her I needed to pee and that I was about to go to the bathroom when she stopped me and said: “Do you want to pee? Pee pee on me”. From there all the massage became a little crazier than what I expected.

At first, I thought she was joking and I started to laugh, but she physically prevented me from going to the bathroom and she said: “You pee me in bed”.

This is the first time for me, so I thought I would try. I urinated on her a little, but then I felt sorry for her and I stopped, then she replies: “If you do not pee, I’ll cut you off.” I laughed when she said this, so I continued in her mouth and all over her body. The whole bed was soaked.

That was the first (and last) time I tried such water sports and, to be fair, I’m in no hurry to try again. But if you want to try it, ask for View from Tulip.

She’s definitely one of the dirtiest ladies I’ve ever been with, but she says that her kissing and are not as good. Not that I wanted to really kiss her more than necessary, to be honest.

Would I repeat? Weeeeeell…, I like variety, but yes why not.


I guess those with experience in BKK who like rough things might enjoy this place more. Or those who like fetish stuff, I have a feeling many of the Tulip massage girls have seen it all.

  • Location: Near BTS Thonglor. Suk 38.
  • Hours: 12 to 12
  • Prices: 2100, 1.5 hours. Other prices were available.
  • Amount of girls: Okay.
  • Quality of girls: Below average.
  • Facilities: Seedy.
  • Website: None to my knowledge.
  • The good: Experienced girls and wicked reputation.
  • The bad: The facilities.

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  1. Hi ThaiDude, I’m a young professional visiting BKK solo for fun from the States. I came across your blog while researching options, and just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the information.

    If you happen to be around Terminal 21, I’d be glad to buy you a drink to share stories.

    1. Thanks, bro. Actually, T21 has always been one of my favorite malls. Decent food court, good place to date non-workers, plus Soi Cowboy is nearby 😉 great place.

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