Boss massage Bangkok review and prices

Boss is another good happy ending massage parlor located in the famous Soi 24/1 (Soi Airi). A notable spot for those looking for a happy ending in Bangkok. Now, Boss26 is a decent shop, although I usually end up going to the devil I know and I visit the more famous Angel26, EZ massage or 101 Dream massage.

boss massage nuru
This is the sweet spot.

Boss shop itself has around 25 girls listed on their website but 6 to 10 working usually. Is a slightly cheaper place but the girls are good too and I don’t mind the discount.

For those who want to stay in this area I recommend these hotels:


Lately, I have been visiting long-forgotten or new massage parlors. Visiting for the first time new joints in which I have never been or re-visiting old places that I have not been at in ages. I will report about those soon because I have been doing the visits but not the reports yet. 

So I thought that visiting 2 new happy endings per week in Bangkok is not that crazy or far-fetched. 🙂

2 weeks ago I was in Boss massage and discovered gladly the place has been renovated plus now they use blue uniforms that gave me hots, instead of the pink costumes they used in the past.

Upon entering I was presented with 6 girls. I could not say that any of them was ugly but none stood out particularly. But as I always say, it doesn’t matter if the whole lineup is a disaster because you just only need to pick one cutie. The one you want for yourself.

And so I picked a slender cutie with a very long black hair who gave me a really nice smile before I even picked her and that set all my green lights on fire.

So I paid initially for the 40 minutes with the Nuru gel option which cost me 1800 and we headed to the rooms.

The action

We took a really quick shower and this girl started right away spreading Nuru gel all over my body on the bed. The girl was absolutely charming with a big smile and she had a much better body naked than what I initially imagined. So I knew that the GF experience was going to be good.

The girl was great and once I discovered that her massage technique was good too. I asked her to extend the time to 1,5 hour, to which she agreed, again with a smile.

I don’t usually extend times with girls, I usually do what I must and save my money to visit another day. But man, was this chick hot.

Upon my suggestion, we moved to the mat on the floor in which she did the real soappy to me with the Nuru gel. She worked really fast on me, massaging me with her body. Upon my suggestion, I turned face down and told her to start to fap me from behind while she was massaging my back.

Must have been the oil. But I came so damn fast.

After that, she massaged me for 10 extra more minutes more while we were having a basic talking in English. I knew I was not going to pop again, and it wasn’t even negotiated beforehand nor I wanted to bother. So I told her to shower to call it a day. We did. I tipped her (which I don’t always do) and went back home.

All in all. Awesome experience. Total damage 2500. (2200 + 300 tip).

shompooShompoo from Boss massage.

Nim. Nim from Boss massage in lovely blue uniform


Almost a hidden gem. Could be the place to be for those who want to become regulars. For me, I loved the GF experience and cheap price.

  • Operation: Lineup / Sit outside.
  • Open from: 10:00 ~ 24:00
  • Quantity of girls: Low.
  • Quality of girls: Mixed with some cuties. Quite decent.
  • Price: 1800Thb for 40 minutes.
  • Outcall: Possible. 3000Thb for 120 minutes.
  • Room upgrade: VIP room (Jacuzzi) can be had for extra.
  • Boss Massage facebook page: Here.
  • Boss Massage website: Basic website, with pictures and information.
  • The good: Cheap. Just go, pop, pay and go home.
  • The bad: Few girls. You just need 1, but for some, the options might not be enough.
From Boss massage facebook page.

In this short video, the outside of Boss massage parlor can be seen. Also some of the girls.





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    Hello!I have consumption in April 5th,almost 23:30 p.m.
    And I have a request,that I want to take a photo with my masseur,but I forgot.
    So can I get my masseur’s photo and knew her name?please,I just want to remember her face,thanks.
    (I can’t find her in your website,She said she was 27 years old,and I go with my friends,we are 3 people from Taiwan, My friend is suspected of taking a photo,but he is none.)

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