Dream Heaven massage Bangkok review

Dream heaven massage is a very well known Bangkok oily massage joint which has 2 shops actually. One in Soi 33 and another in Soi 26. My favorite being the one in Soi 26 (Soi Airi), because it’s located very near to other popular massage joints that I usually go to such as 101 premier massageDream heaven

Popular for Japanese gentleman too. In fact, I believe I never been in the Soi 33 shop, but I have been over 5 times in the shop located at Soi Airi.

My last experience in Dream Heaven

The last time I been here was about 5 months ago and I visited the shop very early just after lunch. Only 4 girls showed up in the lineup at this time and 3 of them were rather not good looking. So I choose the only one who was actually cute and young.

In past years I have been offered lineups with way more girls. So I assumed that I visited at a bad time probably too early. This feeling got reinforced when the young girl I picked was a bit disgruntled that I choose her.

The shower and room was OK, fairly decent and clean but the girl was a bit moody and so she indicated me that I could begin shower and she would be back. And so, I showered alone while the girl was actually out of the room. Then I waited on the bed with little hopes. 

The girl returned, and so she showered by herself in like 3 minutes. She hop in to the bed to begin the massage. I tried to make some small talk to light off the mood, but it was equally awkward. Anyways, after a little crappy massage, I pointed her that it was enough and I asked her to boom boom, and so we did for like 15 minutes. She had a nice body so at least I enjoyed this part to a good extent.

After Jizzing we showered together again in a more awkward silence. I left without tipping after 40 minutes total. Yes, I paid for 60 minutes, but believe me. Once you have been “served” already, there’s not much left to do.


The girl was tight and that I enjoyed despite the zero GF experience. Regardless of this, Dream massage is a very decent massage place that served me very well in the past. This parlor is not overly expensive too and they regularly have available cuties .

Also, by checking dream massage website I noticed that the shop in Soi 26 has 14 girls. And the shop in Soi 33 around 22 girls. But they also have more girls not listed on the menu.

  • Operation: Sofa lineup
  • Price: 2100THB – 60 Minutes. Other options available.
  • Soi 26 and 33 both have shops.
  • 2 girls massage at the same time possible. But no sex on this option unless negotiated beforehand. Just bbbj.
  • Website: good and updated. http://www.dreamheavenmassage.com
  • The good: Cheap and reliable place.
  • The bad: More quantity of girls would be nice, also the girls lie about their age in the website. This I knew from past years too. Nothing major, also done by other shops.
Better check the Dream heaven website for actual prices.
Decent room. All things considered. Better than most.






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