This week I visited Kiss massage, which is located in Shukumvit 22. They have 2 shops actually, both located in Shukumvit. Not very far from BKK48 massage shop which I also visited not that long ago.

Dear from kiss massage
Dear from kiss Massage.

The shop is good, they have a huge amount of “technicians”, over 100 persons listed on the website. Plus it surprised me that the menu also offers males. For those interested, me, not so much. The owners are the same as those from Honey Bee massage and Passion shop. So the girls might be rotating, or listed multiple times.

This area is pretty good with an insane amount of restaurants, shops, 7/11 and many good hotel options. Is a very livable area and a good place to stay too. I recommended these girlfriendly hotels located nearby:

Review of Kiss Bangkok massage

So I spent the afternoon strolling around in Asok and I decided to end my day with a happy ending in Kiss massage. And I arrived just in time because it started to rain as soon as I reached the place.

The room.

The mamasan greeted me warmly, and I suspect the extra amount of attention and warmth was because the business was slow, either because of the rain or because of the low-season. Anyways. I sit on the sofa and they promptly presented the lineup.

Around 12 or more girls came and that many girls caught me off guard. The first quick thought was that the quality of the females was not so good, so many chubsters and big boobed girls. They dressed scantly, borderline slutty. So when life gives you lemons I picked a lemon flavored chubster, because that seemed to be this shop thing.

I picked the Nuru gel option too for the full service with 1-hour duration for a grand total of 2000 thb. They have very interesting pricing options. Explained below on a picture.

Anyways. I don’t think I asked the chubby girl for a name. So hence referenced as “chubby”. A 20’s something girl, fair skin, and good face. She had ass and boobs and decent meat without crossing in to fat territory. In fairness, I kinda liked her.

The room was way better than I expected. Nothing fancy, but easy to see that they try hard to keep the place clean. It even looked like a cheap 3-star hotel room. I can see that many massage joints in Sukhumvit try hard to keep up good rooms. Nothing like the dirty rooms from the past.

Ying from Kiss massage 2.
Ying from Kiss massage 2.

So anyways. Me and chubby got in the room. After the shower, she started massaging me with the Nuru gel but that’s not what I came here from, I came here to come. And in reality, many of the girls from these massage shops don’t have many massaging skills.

I decided to move things forward and I started by touching her a little, on the legs and so on. She quickly got my hint, and move on with the handjob, the bbbj, and the full service. She was kind of robotic but neither I was interested in the GFE, to be honest.

The experience was not the best but everything was offset because this girl she was pretty and this chubby had meat in the right places. Paid and left.

Yuri kiss bangkok 1
Yuri from kiss Bangkok 1.
Kitty from kiss massage bangkok 1
Kitty, 19yo. From kiss 1.

Verdict about Kiss Bangkok massage

On their website, I saw some stunners and I was really excited about visiting this place. I can’t fully explain why (might be the rain), but the actual lineup was disappointing. However, the girl I picked did a good job and I was satisfied.

Worth noting that Kiss Bangkok has a 30-minute massage handjob option for only 1000Thb. That there would put this place on top of all the other random-happy ending shops in which ugly girls ask you 500thb for a sneaky handjob. No real need for that, the girls here are much prettier than the chicks on those places and they know what they are doing. Or in other words, they know how to fap.

  • Operation: Sofa lineup.
  • Address: 261/4 Sukhumvit Soi 22.
  • Business hours: 11:00-24:00.
  • Quantity of girls: Good.
  • Quality of girls: Average. ( I will re-visit in the future and confirm, I might have been unlucky).
  • Prices: See table below. 30min handjob = 1000thb, 60min full service = 2000thb.
  • Website: One of the best websites I found. Good photos, good information, updated, modern and clean. Congratulations to this shop for this website. 🙂
  • The good: Cheap. Very comprehensive pricing list. Good website, good rooms.
  • The bad: Not fully convinced by the girls, but shouldn’t be a problem.
fishbowl kiss massage bangkok 1 girls
A lineup picture, provided by the shop itself. I wish the shops would provice more often pictures like this.

Kiss Bangkok massage prices =

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  1. Hi there,
    May I check with you that is there any male massager in your store? My female friend want an Yoni massage.
    If possible, can also send me the male massager photo to have a look?

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