Tantori massage Bangkok full review

Tantori is a weird place and a lesser known spa if you ask me, but still, I got curious enough to pay this place a visit.

I knew about this place recommended by a friend because this is not one of the most popular. Itched by curiosity, I went and checked their website. 

Nothing strange on the site, but it caught my attention they offer both male and female therapists, and that their therapists are quite old. Which nothing wrong about that per se, but we are probably used to get lied about the therapist’s ages, so that surprised me.

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For an even better massage parlor, I can recommend Mitu or Bkk48. I have visited them recently and they are fantastic places.

My review on Tantori massage

Upon entering Silom 1 soi, you will see a large signal on top of a wall. If you enter the building and go up the stairs to the second floor, where you will find a small reception area. Replace your shoes with some by slippers, and the lady at the reception will show you a menu that covers almost everything. 

The lady who greeted me is well built and was about 20 years old. She told me that Japanese and Chinese customers prefer thin girls. My preference is the opposite, so the choice was easy. I opted for the hot oil sensual massage with B2B. The treatment rooms are small as cubicles but clean and private. Some plastic flowers and decorative lights create an atmosphere. The shower is in the hall.

As usual, the treatment began with a back massage. The warm oil was very relaxing, but his skillful hands did not allow me to sleep. Later, the masseuse told me that she had more than two years of training before I started practicing in the wonderful spa business. Then she came to Tantori.


The actual massage was good, the lady was pretty. She delivered what I expected and finished the session a bit early. But that is a normal practice in almost all Bangkok parlors.

  • Location: Silom MTR on Silom 1 (Check map).
  • Prices: A bj can be had for 1K. 1.9K full service. Many options are available.
  • Amount of girls: Below average.
  • Quality of girls: Below average, with a couple of gems in between that save the day.
  • Facilities: Bad too. And small.
  • Website: Good website, and in English =http://tantorimassage.com/
  • The good: Many massage options available for those who look for a spin or for even a male masseuse available.
  • The bad: Small rooms, some therapists look scary.






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