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Analisa Bangkok 2019 review: A true classic

After a rather mediocre visit to Tantori massage. I decided to revisit this fantastic joint. Which actually I visited not that long ago. You guys can visit my first review to Analisa here.

Analisa Massage is an excellent full-service massage store that is like a hidden gem. And one of my favorite places in Bangkok to get skilled manual jobs.

When you receive a tantric massage with 4 hands in Analisa it’s like having ice cream with whipped cream covered titties on top. Who does not like a couple of very naked Thai girls who put butter on our corn? Or slapping our salami. All this talk about food is making me hungry.

Then, in this publication, you will get one play for another one of how it is that you get carried away by a “glory hole” in a massage bed in Analisa. It’s a trio experience with steroids.

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My second review on Analisa

Analisa moved to the intersection of Asoke / Sukhumvit, part of the Soi Cowboy red lights district last year. They have two other places that you can check on their website. But the Analisa branch I’ve been to is in Asoke, which is just south of Soi Cowboy, just 200 meters away. It is your flagship massage store. I have never seen your other stores, but maybe next time.

The main store is located right on a cul-de-sac, with a 3-star budget hotel called Citypoint Hotel (girl-friendly bar) directly opposite.

Analisa is perhaps one of the most popular happy ending massage shops in Bangkok. With a focus on tantric massage and a refuge for connoisseurs of the prostate. I had a finger on my ass while getting a manual job before at Paradise Massage and let’s say I do not like the joy of anal penetration as much as the smallest and weakest person inside a maximum security prison.

Although I must say, Analisa was one of the pioneers of tantra and prostate massage in Bangkok. They also have toys that you can rent during your sessions. So they really cater to many tastes and the main reason why so many men would go there to try new sexual experiences in total privacy.

I have tried all kinds of services in Analisa Massage. But I particularly enjoy your Tantra 4 hands massage. They announce that it comes with a free Glory Hole massage table and I have been taking advantage of its THB 3800 promotion for 90 minutes. The normal price is 4200THB. 

Next, I will let you know step by step what happens when you choose the 4-hand tantra massage with the glory hole massage table.

Because I know that many of you, perverts, are wondering what kind of service they will receive, especially when they are about to pay THB 3800 for 90 minutes.

If you look at Analisa’s websites, you can see her list of massage girls. They do not have many women, about twelve with most of the girls in their 20s. However, I think their girls are decent. However, it is not as pretty as the ladies in Hera’s massage. And the photos of the girls are pretty close to the real thing.

This store is one of the few happy ending massage stores that cater to the sexual appetites of women and men. So Analisa employs residents of bi-sexual sex for couples massage and even yoni massage for women. Analisa is a great store to try a trio if you have never tried it in Bangkok.

But first, here is a tip on how to choose girls for your first tantra massage experience with 4 hands.

Analisa has girls who assume a dominant role as they provide perverted BDSM services. I like to choose a girl that is submissive. Then I choose another girl with a dominant side. It’s funny I’m telling you So, remember to ask the mamasan what kind of girls you’d like to be with you. She speaks better English than you and I and is very useful.

Girl A is in her first 20 years, she is a very pretty girl with short hair. I like her because she is a little shy and demure. The B-girl is one of the lovers of Analisa. So she has that BDSM blood in her. Together they are a very playful combination.

Which was great because I could feel that my first shot was already coming. However, since Girl B had control of my joystick, it was really working for me.

The reason why I chose Girl B as I mentioned is that she is one of BDSM lovers who are residents of Analisa Massage.

She would shake herself to the point where she knew she was going to shoot. Then she would stop. It’s funny and annoying at the same time I tell you. Because up to a point you just want to shoot your load because you can not contain it anymore.

And if you try to tear yourself away, the girls will slap you. For me, it’s just fun. I think after all the years that I’ve been doing this, it’s refreshing to play with something different.

Although I can say for sure that you would never catch me in a gala outfit and a gag-ball. If you ever catch me writing about that, please pray for me.

After my first volcanic eruption, both women began another round of sensual massages. After slapping my ass a few times, the B-girl ordered me to turn around. Both girls sat near my hip, where I saw her tits and beautiful faces. They were massaging my arm and sucking my nipples and continually bothering me. 

Then they prepared for my second shot. Girl A has her oiled tits. He climbed into the upper half of my body and began to slide his tits all over my chest while the girl B paid full attention to my cock, starting with a covered blowjob. This time she was not holding back. She continued to shake me vigorously. This time there was no denial of orgasm. Only the elbow grease up. Up and down to complete my second shot.


Too good to pass. 2 girls massaging you is one of those things one can remember for many years. 😉

  • Location6/12 Suk Rd 
  • Time: From 10 am to 12:30 am.
  • Prices: 90-minute tantric body to body: 2200 THB.
  • Amount of girls: Below average.
  • Quality of girls: Average.
  • Facilities: Good.
  • Website: Good website
  • The good: Very happy with the girlsgirl’stude.
  • The bad: Some girls don’t look so great, but it’s still worthwhile.






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