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Snow White massage Bangkok review

Snow White massage is yet another massage oil shop located in one of the happiest corners of Sukhumvit: Soi Airi. This shop doesn’t stand out in a lot but it doesn’t hurt to visit to check if they have jewels. And I have been serviced well here.

Snow white massage.
Courtesy of Snow White Massage.

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My report on Snow white massage

So I visited one time this shop years ago and to the best of my memory, their website has not been updated since, so beware that the pictures on the website might be largely outdated.

Anyhow, I arrived at the shop and the mamasan behind the counter kindly explained to me the operation and the pricing. The mamasan seemed helpful and so I decided to ask her specifically her for a girl that could do Rimjob and bareback CIM (cum in mouth), and I also asked for 2 pops. She said no problem and led me to a semi-fishbowl where she called out 2 girls in the Thai language.

I had no idea what she told them in Thai, but mamasan said to me this 2 girls “can do” what I wish. So I picked one of them, paid 2300 THB upfront and went to the room.

The room was far from being one of the best I saw in Soi Airi but enough for the purpose. After the shower, I think the girl took the mamasan instructions too seriously because the girl started to bbbj me off really furiously without any condom, and without a preliminary massage.

Now, since I knew I had 2 pops coming, I didn’t mind she was going too quick for the first one. Because I had a lot in the tank after a mere 10 minutes of “smoking”, I told her I was about to cum. She acknowledged and started to blow me even faster.

That was a very clear sign that she understood the mamasan instructions to CIM. And so I popped in her mouth with no regrets. She held the white juicy in the mouth like a champ for like 10 seconds and spat it out. Good times lads.

I washed my dick in the shower and moved back to the bed. She massaged me for a good 30 minutes and then I told her to take a rest. We then had some silly chat in English for another 10 minutes. I checked the time and I saw I still had 50 minutes left, so we started fooling around again.

Then the girl began again to blow me off, and I somehow noticed she was trying to go for the same pattern and try to make me cum fast again by bbbj yet again. But I noticed and I know better. 🙂

I allowed her to do for like 10 minutes and then I pointed her towards the condom and told her I wanted to ride her. Had sex for 10 minutes, another 5 minutes of blowjob for another CIM which didn’t felt as good as the first one, but it was a good ending.

Tipped her 300 for a good job, quick shower, and left 20 minutes the early job was done.

snow white massage

Verdict about Snow White massage in Bangkok

Basically, another of those small massage shops in Soi Airi oriented towards Japanese and Korean customers. The shop is OK, prices are OK, mamasan was kind. So it all goes down to the luck of masseuse picking lottery.

With happy ending shops, it doesn’t take long to realize it’s a hit-or-miss game. I have been lucky with my pick so my verdict is positive.

  • Operation: Semi fishbowl.
  • Location: Sukhumvit Road Soi 26.
  • Hours: 11am-24pm.
  • Price: 1800Thb 1-hour, 2300Thb 2-hours. More pricing options.
  • Number of girls: Average to low.
  • Quality of girls: Subjective. I saw 2 or 3 cuties, my pick was a great performer.
  • Website: It has the info, but this website seems to not have been updated in ages.
  • The good: Cheap massage parlor, decent mamasan.
  • The bad: Nothing bad, but with so many quality shops around this place has a hard time standing out.

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