The CanCam massage shop is one of the first sex shops you’ll see when you’re around the corner from Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. Like all happy-ending massage stores in this L-shape, it has a solid base of Japanese clients. But anyone is welcome as long as you can pay to play.

He used to go to his shop often. Until the quality of their girls went downhill. Actually, I should say up and down. 

CanCam is also one of those happy ending massage stores that I’m often asked to review. Many guys inform me that they always see sexy Thai girls sitting outside. And I left, and I found them and yes, they are very sexy.

In any case, the overall experience was a bit dull and nothing extraordinary. I still recommend Dream Heaven massage and their Nuru service over this shop.

And btw!, for those who want a good hotel room beside the famous 24/1 alley and Phrom Pong BTS, I recommend these =

  1. Arize
  2. V serviced residence
  3. Adelphi Grande

I had “guests” in all of these no problem.

CanCam Massage Review Bangkok

So, I went to Can Cam for “research” purposes again. Actually is my second time there. Was there 3 months ago but that time I was not taking notes ;). So this time I noticed that pretty much all the girls I saw before no longer there. In other words, some imbeciles probably made marriage proposals to them, so they are now out of the market.

CanCam has been open for about 4 years or so. Almost at the same time when this complete strip received an important facelift. The place has not existed for a long time, but before it was one of the best full-service massage shops on this Strip, with very sexy Thai massage girls right after major renovations that happened 4 years ago.

But the massage business is an industry difficult to maintain. Especially when there are greedy men with cash coming to these stores, falling in love with the girls, etc. So things changed, and keep on changing very quickly. CAN CAM

To be honest there is not much to write about CanCam today. It is a straight-up Bangkok massage shop. There are no fun things to do inside which you could get at Tulip Massage. Or tantric massages like those you would find in Passion Massage or Analisa Massage.

You can not get a Nuru experience like you can get with Mitu Massage or Dream Heaven Massage (just nearby).

Aaaaand… you only get one shot, as per shop rules. This can be a deal breaker for many guys, but it wasn’t for me as usually I only shot one in this kind of setup, but yes, the CanCam Massage policy is only a single cum injection per paid visit. They will have difficulty competing with their next-door neighbor, Boss Massage, which allows customers to get multiple runs.

But anyways…, if you like light-skinned Thai girls with meat this might be the place for you. If I had to score the girls here, they would rank 4 to 6, with an occasional 7.

The Cancam website looked useful and modern until examined properly. It could be useful if it wasn’t written in Japanese, and the pictures are absolutely outdated or simple bait. But at least they have updated map & prices. LOL. CANCAM MASSAGE BKK

They have rooms with jacuzzi that start at 2700THB for 60 minutes. And two lady massage services for a threesome experience. Although if you want to do it with two girls, you will have a better time in Analisa Massage.

Choosing the girls in CanCam

The mamasan approached me always with a big smile and a friendly attitude. She speaks decent English, so that makes things smooth.

There are no photo books, so you will call all the girls to appear before you and form a line. For me, there were 6 girls. I arrived at about 2 in the afternoon, so there were probably fewer girls. Usually, they have about a dozen women waiting. All of them are dressed in white polo shirts and skirts adjusted to the thighs. It’s not really the sexiest attire, but it works.

I chose a girl I had never seen. A tall girl without big tits but with a pretty face and smile. I’ll just call her Mona because she has this sexy moan that I’ll focus on later.

The bathrooms in the CanCam shop are located on the second floor. The walkway is narrow and there are mirrors that cover the walls so that the entire space seems larger. However, once you are inside the showers there are no mirrors on the walls. Having mirrors on the walls while having sex with a Thai massage prostitute makes the experience much more pleasurable.

The room is clean and everything you expect. There are a corner shower and a bed. There are televisions in the room too, but there are no sports channels. Or porn Both would have made me accumulate a lot of extra points for CanCam.

The actual massage begins

After Mona came back to the room with her kit, she was already in my birthday suit, which was on the bed. She started taking off her clothes so we could get to our pre-requisite shower. And that’s when Mr. Winky stood up to attention.

Like I said, Mona had a pretty face, but if she does her tits she will definitely stand out more. We got into the shower and she started to clean me up. There was no action in the shower and everything was quite mechanical. That is also my experience with the last two girls that I tried in CanCam.

I’ve been hanging around long enough to know these days that not all the Thai massage girls you find will give you that “girlfriend” experience. That most of the guys look for. But we are not your boyfriends. So it’s not a big problem for me.

I know this sounds crazy, but one thing that stands out in CanCam are the massages. All the girls did a decent massage on my back, hitting all the acupressure points with precision. This could be something that CanCam customers prefer and one reason why girls have to put on real elbow grease. There was no body-to-body massage. If you choose the room with a jacuzzi you will get that service.

However, the massage only lasted 10 minutes on my back only and then she moved to something more contundent. After a few minutes of that, Mona pulled out a condom and gave me a covered blowjob. A standard here at CanCam, at least with the other two girls as well. She just gave me a covered blowjob for two minutes. It’s not really much work or enthusiasm, but it’s a blowjob with a condom, so the feeling is minimized anyway.

She got on top of the cowgirl and because of her slim body, her perky tits and pretty face made the experience much better. And she was working to the point that I had to tell her to slow down a few times. And then she accelerated again jumping up and down my cock.

I’m sure she understood me when I told her to stop a bit, as I said in Thai. I have the feeling that maybe she was trying to rush me. Then, I asked to change position to get to the top where I could easily control. When I was ready to blow up, I asked Mona to come back to the top and let me ride at sunset.

And she could really ride. As I mentioned earlier, she has this really sensual groan. What is probably an act, I know that I am the worst lover in the world. This was still the highlight of my visit to CanCam Massage.

What if there’s time left and all is done?

My last CanCam visit with Mona felt was. I still had at least 25 minutes left. Now, as a client, I could have said something. What I usually do and have done in other full-service massage stores that I try. I did not have this problem with the other two CanCam massage ladies.

So, is this something that is usual in business with Mona? But this kind of situation happens a lot in another happy ending massages in Bangkok. I just want to quickly point this out, for fairness.

If this happens, we have three options:

  • Ask for a massage to complete the extra time.
  • Just go home happy. (What I usually do)
  • Slut and moan yourself in a low voice and do not come back.

On this occasion, with Mona, I chose option # 2 (I always do actually). Especially since I was doing this review of the CanCam massage shop. After all, I can write about my experience and let everyone who reads this know what to expect and the options.


Something weird that I noticed is their price table:

  • 60 minutes – 2200THB
  • 70 minutes – 2500THB
  • 90 minutes – 2800THB

Observe the price discrepancy between a 60-minute service for 2200 THB and 70 minutes for 2500THB. Basically, the price difference is 300 THB for 10 additional minutes. Which, no, I don’t recommend. Stick with the 60 minute service here which is plenty of time for anyone.

So CanCam massage parlor is just another joint in Bangkok, that doesn’t particularly stand out in 2019. It’s a hit and miss, and there’s plenty of competition in BKK, so while I had a decent time in my visit I would probably choose another place to become a regular.

  • Location: Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 alley
  • Hours: 11 to 24
  • Prices: 2200 1hour.
  • Amount of girls: Good, 6-12 or more.
  • Quality of girls: OK to Good.
  • Facilities: OK to bad.
  • Website: Japanese language & outdated pictures.
  • The good: Good location. No photobooks, they do lineups.
  • The bad: High prices. 1 pop rule. Fake pictures on the website.


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