7 heaven blowjob salon review

I’ve never heard before of 7-Heaven and, to tell you the truth, I’ve never been interested in going to BJ’s bars. I mean, I’ve been to many and the last one I went to was 5 years ago and I didn’t have a good experience. In my experience, half the women who work in BJ’s bars are too old and probably the other half just too fat.

And it’s just disgusting sitting in a bar while the guy next to you is being absorbed into just a seat away. And there are other customers who look. Like what the f * * k. And even worse, he’s one of your friends because now you know how his face looks when he fires his load.

They probably worked hard for such snapshots, but I am impressed.

Besides, nowadays, you don’t need to go to BJ’s bars for a Thai girl to swallow your white blood anymore. Some massage shops offer a 30-minute blow job at a cost of 999 THB as Paradise massage on Sukhumvit Soi 22. All in a private room with no one looking.


When you’re walking on Soi 33 stay on the right side. The first sub-soi you see on the right, just take it and 7 Heaven is halfway. Remember, the Lotus Sukhumvit Hotel will be on our left-hand side. And you really can’t miss the pink exterior.

Although the exterior of 7 Heaven is decorated in pink, the location is very discreet. You’d never know you could do a blow job inside. I can’t read in Japanese, but if I thought it was a private hairdresser. It looks like one of those Japanese establishments just for customers, but don’t worry, it’s not.

And it’s not a BJ bar, which is what most kids are familiar with. That’s why I just call 7 Heaven a BJ salon. They have a menu on their website that charges 1300 THB for blow jobs and 1000 THB for manual labor. And then there are other extras that I saw in 7 Heaven’s on the store menu and not on the website.

If I remember correctly, it was 500 THB for semen on the boobs. There is an extra charge for all the nudity or something, but the girl I chose was completely topless. There were other options, but I can’t remember, apart from the work contract with two girls. But the semen in the mouth was included in the BJ of 1300 THB, so I do not know why someone would pay 500 THB or more to pop a load on the boobs, however exciting it may seem. But I’d prefer CIM at any time of the day.

I went with my friend a little after 3 pm and the Mamasan showed us a tablet with photos of 8 women. They all seemed young, some of the early 20s, but certainly none older than 30, I think. But we couldn’t see bodies in some of the girls and I was like, damn it, I hope there aren’t too many fat girls.

All the girls, in my opinion, are not super hot in appearance. But the formation of 7 Heaven’s lady is much better than the ladies who work in the bars of BJ. 7 HEAVEN

So he picked one and I practically made a good deal, small, small, small and wanted to get it over with, as I had memories of my not so nice BJ experience so many years ago. My attitude was like going to the last blockbuster in Hollywood and not having high expectations in case the experience were to fail.

I was taken into one of the rooms on the 3rd Floor, the one pictured above. My Dutch buddy went up to another floor. Which is a good thing? My Dutch companion speaks too much while I like to close my eyes and just enjoy.

There is dance music playing and it was a bit loud but understandably so as the walls of the rooms do not go up completely. I could hear some slurping going on a few booths down. But at least I didn’t witness that action, so it’s a positive one.

The girl went out for a bit so I had a quick chance to take that pic. The room is a little dark store for some funky light fixtures. In the left corner, there is a black colored sink. Well, that’s where the girl washes your junk. Your meat and veg get a good clean with soap and it was done fine, not exactly legend but still nice.

I could hear the action going on a few cubicles down, and I think it would be hysterical one day if the whole room was full of customers with BJ girls working at all.

Then she dried my bits with a dry towel and I was asked to lay down. Okay, so this part goes for graphics, but I’m going to give you that blow by Blow details (get it? Sometimes I’m just breaking myself up) so you know what to expect if you plan to visit 7 heaven.

At first, she began to suck on my left nipple was gently stroking my flesh. The sensation was quite nice, and I really thought that I had no endurance in me. But the way she worked me made my little buddy head up to full attention when she was working on my right nipple.

If you are self-conscious about yourself, you may want to shave your nipple hair. I certainly haven’t, but I’m not self-conscious about myself. Yes, sometimes I like to hand out a little bit too much information about myself.

Then she worked on my left nut and then the right one before heading to my shaft. She took her time and didn’t rush it. But it is good to point out that in 7-heaven, if you shoot your load before 5 minutes you get another go. Remember the 1300THB you get a 40 minute BJ experience.

So if you are a quick shooter, you have another chance to fire again. Which is not a bad deal. A positive point for 7-heaven. And the whole blow job was done without a condom.

After I shot my load it was out to the sink again for another wash.

Overall she worked on me for about 15 minutes and her technique was really good. In fact, it was 12 minutes but just wanted to round up the minutes to make me look better.


CIM was a good feature. By the way, I don’t want to mention the Thai country girl who gave my first BJ experience at 7 Heaven. Because I’m planning to go back to get her work on me again.

Perhaps it was done on purpose, so every lady of 7 Heaven can spice things up differently for repeat customers.

But I am convinced to go back to 7-heaven because I really had a very good first experience. They just served themselves a repeat customer. I think 7-heaven will be one of the busiest salons in Salons in Bangkok.

7 heaven opens at 1 pm and closes at midnight every day.

Overall I was quite happy and it was so damn cheap, just 1300.

  • Location: Soi 33
  • Hours: 1 pm to midnight
  • Prices: handjob 1k, blowjob 1,3K, 2 girls double blowjob just 2500.
  • Amount of girls: Small lineup.
  • Quality of girls: Way better than expected.
  • Facilities: Average (being generous)
  • Website: https://www.7-heavenbkk.com/
  • The good: Japanese flavor. Lesbian-friendly.
  • The bad: Pricey.

Momo massage Bangkok happy ending

Just a super quick review of this place located in Thong Lor, which is an unusual place for such happy endings. The thing is that the photos impressed me enough to pay a visit to this lovely place.

My review on Momo Bangkok massage

I arrived at the place and presented with a photo album with a lot of girls photos. And some of them are the stunners I saw on the website. Really cute ones. 

From the menu, I picked a teenager who claimed to be 19, short hair, petite body. She performed well and I left satisfied, the thing is that with the number of hotties I witnessed, I am already planning my next visit. 🙂

Thong Lor is a good area to hit the upscale bistros. And this area also features some 5-star hotels. For those who need a good Thong Lor hotel, check here.

Momo massage verdict

Momo massage, how to explain. A Japanese oriented place packed with hotties, I really don’t know from where they get such amount of hot girls but I was impressed.

Sorry the super short review, but been really busy these months. 🙂

Would I recommend it?. Yes.

For those who are either Japanese nationals is a must try.

  • Location: Thong Lor BTS
  • Prices: 40 minutes = 1800THB. 1h = 2000. Outcall = 3500. Other prices available.
  • Amount of girls: Good.
  • Quality of girls: Very good.
  • Facilities: Okay.
  • Website: Crappy and is fully in Japanese, but a good amount of photos.http://momothonglor.com
  • The good: Hot girls
  • The bad: Unusual location.

Review on Analisa massage Bangkok, a body body massage with spin

Analisa Massage is a massage parlor located on Sukhumvit Soi 22, not far from Asok BTS. A place with a reputation for giving prostate and tantric service.

Sukhumvit Soi 22 is full of massage shops where they’ll jack you off and probably more for the right price. This one is located on a dead-end alley. The sign is colorful and the shop is easy to find.

To stay in this area there’s plenty of choices, for example, I recommend Holiday Inn Sukhumvit or Marvel Hotel.

My review on Analisa Massage

Once there the Mamasan showed me photos, but the customer can ask for a lineup, which is actually a smart choice. This time I came knowing which girl I wanted to get service from since a pal of mine recommended me this place.  

The girl in question was a young cutie with a good shape. And I was pleased with the pick. For those who are wondering, yes, watching a lineup is always a preferable choice over photos. Because the photos often differ from reality.

In fact the pictures of Analisa Massage girls shown at their website are not so attractive, actually, quite the contrary. But my buddy confirmed me that the pictures at display are accurate, and the girls are pretty. Fair enough.

The menu consisted of tantric,  Oil Massages, Body to Body, BJ, Prostate Massage Course and Hand Job Courses. Ranging in prices from 1600THB to 2400THB for 90 minutes. One of the biggest price factors is actually the time. So to honor this special shop I chose a tantric body to body massage. Because why not.

My girl of choice was rather slim, and this was a worry since I choose a body to body option. A rather conservative choice I must add since this place offers prostate, Anal,  BDSM and all you can imagine… but that’s too much for me.

The room was fine and the girl was professional. She massaged me with so much energy and I was surprised she could put such an effort. So I insisted on her keep going with the massage for a good 45 minutes. By then I was so heated that cumming was just a mere formality of just putting the rubber on. I lasted 5 minutes… But well. It was really worth it 🙂

After that and the shower, and the little talk, and the time wasted. There were like 15 minutes left, and much like I expected I didn’t get anything else for those.


Overall it was a decent experience and what I will really remember about Analisa is the over-average massage, not even the girl.

  • Location: 6/12 Sukhumvit Rd 
  • Time: From 10am to 12:30 am.
  • Prices: Check menu. 90 minute tantric body to body: 2200 THB.
  • Amount of girls: Below average.
  • Quality of girls: Average.
  • Facilities: Very good.
  • Website: Good website https://www.analisamassage.com/


Mitu Massage Bangkok review

Mitu Massage is a Japanese style massage parlor which caters to male customers, and the aim to achieve the high-end Japanese style massage. Or at least that’s the idea.

The shop is stationed in a small alley on Sukhumvit Soi 33. The place is not that hard to find and they have neon signs at the door. If everything fails… well, google maps is your friend. 🙂 

Mitu Massage is Japanese style, so much, that in fact resembles Japanese soaplands. They aim for the Japanese customers but of course, non-Jap nationals are welcomed too.

My report on Mitu massage

Mamasan greeted me and showed me the menu, not the cheapest place but that’s nothing out of the ordinary since they aim for high-end. I picked a girl, again nothing out of the ordinary, and I was led to the rooms. Which were quite nice.

The building has several floors and the regular rooms at located at top of the building. The rooms are rather large and the decor is fitting for the general purpose. Rooms with tall mirrors and large bathtubs.

I paid 2700 Thb for an hour session, which included bbbj and full-service. The girl was attentive and her English was sufficient. I asked her if she could speak Japanese, to which she was happy to answer yes. In fact, she was kind of proud to tell me how good her Japanese was…… OK.jpg.

Moreover, something that surprised from this parlor website is that they promote a lesbian massage service here. Now, I’m not a lesbian or a girl myself so I cannot comment any further, and I did not dare to ask the mamasan. But it was implied very clearly in the website.

That’s great news for the lesbians looking for a happy ending massage in Bangkok. I suppose other parlors can offer Lesbian happy-ending-massages well. But it’s nice if the parlor offer it clearly to avoid confusions.


So I went to this place, after reading a few other reviews as I wanted to see what was the hype all about.

Been there, done that, and I still don’t understand what’s the hype about. With the amount of competence in Shukumvit for me, this is a one and done place.

Would I recommend it?. Yes, for those who are regulars of Sukhumvit and have been around and want variety. It’s worth to try, some girls are cute.

For those who are either Japanese nationals or lesbians: must try.

  • Location: 12/22 Sukhumvit soi33 klongtan-nua Khet Watthana.
  • Prices: Depends. As reference, 70 minutes = 2700THB.
  • Amount of girls: Good.
  • Quality of girls: Average.
  • Facilities: Very good.
  • Website: http://mitubangkok.com Their website is very crappy. Not a rant, just a fact.
  • The good: Japanese flavor. Lesbian-friendly.
  • The bad: Pricey.

The women carry colored badged which indicate the different prices.

A little video done by Mitu shop, showing how to reach the place.

Kiss Bangkok massage one and two review

This week I visited Kiss massage, which is located in Shukumvit 22. They have 2 shops actually, both located in Shukumvit. Not very far from BKK48 massage shop which I also visited not that long ago.

Dear from kiss massage
Dear from kiss Massage.

The shop is good, they have a huge amount of “technicians”, over 100 persons listed on the website. Plus it surprised me that the menu also offers males. For those interested, me, not so much. The owners are the same as those from Honey Bee massage and Passion shop. So the girls might be rotating, or listed multiple times.

This area is pretty good with an insane amount of restaurants, shops, 7/11 and many good hotel options. Is a very livable area and a good place to stay too. I recommended these girlfriendly hotels located nearby:

Review of Kiss Bangkok massage

So I spent the afternoon strolling around in Asok and I decided to end my day with a happy ending in Kiss massage. And I arrived just in time because it started to rain as soon as I reached the place.

The room.

The mamasan greeted me warmly, and I suspect the extra amount of attention and warmth was because the business was slow, either because of the rain or because of the low-season. Anyways. I sit on the sofa and they promptly presented the lineup.

Around 12 or more girls came and that many girls caught me off guard. The first quick thought was that the quality of the females was not so good, so many chubsters and big boobed girls. They dressed scantly, borderline slutty. So when life gives you lemons I picked a lemon flavored chubster, because that seemed to be this shop thing.

I picked the Nuru gel option too for the full service with 1-hour duration for a grand total of 2000 thb. They have very interesting pricing options. Explained below on a picture.

Anyways. I don’t think I asked the chubby girl for a name. So hence referenced as “chubby”. A 20’s something girl, fair skin, and good face. She had ass and boobs and decent meat without crossing in to fat territory. In fairness, I kinda liked her.

The room was way better than I expected. Nothing fancy, but easy to see that they try hard to keep the place clean. It even looked like a cheap 3-star hotel room. I can see that many massage joints in Sukhumvit try hard to keep up good rooms. Nothing like the dirty rooms from the past.

Ying from Kiss massage 2.
Ying from Kiss massage 2.

So anyways. Me and chubby got in the room. After the shower, she started massaging me with the Nuru gel but that’s not what I came here from, I came here to come. And in reality, many of the girls from these massage shops don’t have many massaging skills.

I decided to move things forward and I started by touching her a little, on the legs and so on. She quickly got my hint, and move on with the handjob, the bbbj, and the full service. She was kind of robotic but neither I was interested in the GFE, to be honest.

The experience was not the best but everything was offset because this girl she was pretty and this chubby had meat in the right places. Paid and left.

Yuri kiss bangkok 1
Yuri from kiss Bangkok 1.
Kitty from kiss massage bangkok 1
Kitty, 19yo. From kiss 1.

Verdict about Kiss Bangkok massage

On their website, I saw some stunners and I was really excited about visiting this place. I can’t fully explain why (might be the rain), but the actual lineup was disappointing. However, the girl I picked did a good job and I was satisfied.

Worth noting that Kiss Bangkok has a 30-minute massage handjob option for only 1000Thb. That there would put this place on top of all the other random-happy ending shops in which ugly girls ask you 500thb for a sneaky handjob. No real need for that, the girls here are much prettier than the chicks on those places and they know what they are doing. Or in other words, they know how to fap.

  • Operation: Sofa lineup.
  • Address: 261/4 Sukhumvit Soi 22.
  • Business hours: 11:00-24:00.
  • Quantity of girls: Good.
  • Quality of girls: Average. ( I will re-visit in the future and confirm, I might have been unlucky).
  • Prices: See table below. 30min handjob = 1000thb, 60min full service = 2000thb.
  • Website: http://kissbangkokmassage.com/ One of the best websites I found. Good photos, good information, updated, modern and clean. Congratulations to this shop for this website. 🙂
  • The good: Cheap. Very comprehensive pricing list. Good website, good rooms.
  • The bad: Not fully convinced by the girls, but shouldn’t be a problem.
fishbowl kiss massage bangkok 1 girls
A lineup picture, provided by the shop itself. I wish the shops would provice more often pictures like this.

Kiss Bangkok massage prices =

Bangkok passion parlor in Bangkok report and prices

Bangkok passion has been my latest visit this month, in which I also visited the other sister establishment, Absolute massage parlor, owned by the same people.

Pink from Bangkok massage.
Pink from Bangkok passion massage.

I was very curious to check if they shared girls from one establishment to another as I visited the 2 places in the same week. But I didn’t notice such occurrence, or at least that’s my experience.

This shop is located in Shukumvit 22, and it’s a small to a mid-size massage parlor. Located also not far from BKK48 massage. And I should add, not very far from this good guest-friendly hotels:

  • Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20.
  • Windsor Suites Hotel.
  • Admiral Suites Bangkok.

My report on Bangkok passion massage parlor

I arrived at 7 pm which is a supposed good time to show up (or at least people say so), but it’s also a busy time. The mamasan greeted me and showed me the menu, which was the same as the Absolute massage parlor, same prices and all.

So I looked a bit the menu and I asked to watch the girls, to which she told me to wait.

Elle from Bangkok Passion.
Elle from Bangkok Passion.

Not long after I was introduced to 5 girls and I picked the one that I thought that looked best. Then, I was led to the room. The other girls were quite chubby for my taste.

My girl of choice was named Ploy (made up name), and she was not chubby nor very slender, just right.

Once in the room, the usual. A shower, a talk, a full body massage, a little tease, and the full service. I did not request any special service, although this massage shop offers them. Such as Yoni massage or Lingam.

The girl was attentive and did everything she could to please me. I could not feel a lot of chemistry there but I still think everything she did was spot on.

We tried a few postures, including a couple I requested and she was nice enough. Came, shower, paid and left. That’s how it’s done. 🙂


The place is fine. The rooms are clean and the prices are very cheap. It needs a little more variety and quality of girls. But no huge issues

  • Operation: Lineup.
  • Prices: 2200THB for 60 minutes full time. Handjob/blowjob are cheaper. 30 minutes handjob = 1200THB.
  • Adress: 261/33 Sukhumvit Soi 22.
  • Quantity of girls: Small. But I think I arrived on a busy hour, I believe.
  • Quality of girls: Average.
  • Website: http://bangkokpassionmassage.com/ Very good website, updated and modern.
  • The good: Cheap, good pricing menu.
  • The bad: Hit or miss, the lineup might or might not have many cute girls.
Bangkok passion price menu.
Bangkok passion price menu.

Snow White massage Bangkok review

Snow White massage is yet another massage oil shop located in one of the happiest corners of Sukhumvit: Soi Airi. This shop doesn’t stand out in a lot but it doesn’t hurt to visit to check if they have jewels. And I have been serviced well here.

Snow white massage.
Courtesy of Snow White Massage.

Or if you guys want to go for the safe bets, I recommend my favorite joints in this area:

You can’t go wrong with this legendary shops. 🙂
Also, if you guys wish to stay in this lovely area I recommend Arize hotel. A mad cool cheap hotel that is guest friendly too. Or in other words, they don’t have any joiner fee for any girls you guys might pick up. Awesome.

My report on Snow white massage

So I visited one time this shop years ago and to the best of my memory, their website has not been updated since, so beware that the pictures on the website might be largely outdated.

Anyhow, I arrived at the shop and the mamasan behind the counter kindly explained to me the operation and the pricing. The mamasan seemed helpful and so I decided to ask her specifically her for a girl that could do Rimjob and bareback CIM (cum in mouth), and I also asked for 2 pops. She said no problem and led me to a semi-fishbowl where she called out 2 girls in the Thai language.

I had no idea what she told them in Thai, but mamasan said to me this 2 girls “can do” what I wish. So I picked one of them, paid 2300 THB upfront and went to the room.

The room was far from being one of the best I saw in Soi Airi but enough for the purpose. After the shower, I think the girl took the mamasan instructions too seriously because the girl started to bbbj me off really furiously without any condom, and without a preliminary massage.

Now, since I knew I had 2 pops coming, I didn’t mind she was going too quick for the first one. Because I had a lot in the tank after a mere 10 minutes of “smoking”, I told her I was about to cum. She acknowledged and started to blow me even faster.

That was a very clear sign that she understood the mamasan instructions to CIM. And so I popped in her mouth with no regrets. She held the white juicy in the mouth like a champ for like 10 seconds and spat it out. Good times lads.

I washed my dick in the shower and moved back to the bed. She massaged me for a good 30 minutes and then I told her to take a rest. We then had some silly chat in English for another 10 minutes. I checked the time and I saw I still had 50 minutes left, so we started fooling around again.

Then the girl began again to blow me off, and I somehow noticed she was trying to go for the same pattern and try to make me cum fast again by bbbj yet again. But I noticed and I know better. 🙂

I allowed her to do for like 10 minutes and then I pointed her towards the condom and told her I wanted to ride her. Had sex for 10 minutes, another 5 minutes of blowjob for another CIM which didn’t felt as good as the first one, but it was a good ending.

Tipped her 300 for a good job, quick shower, and left 20 minutes the early job was done.

snow white massage

Verdict about Snow White massage in Bangkok

Basically, another of those small massage shops in Soi Airi oriented towards Japanese and Korean customers. The shop is OK, prices are OK, mamasan was kind. So it all goes down to the luck of masseuse picking lottery.

With happy ending shops, it doesn’t take long to realize it’s a hit-or-miss game. I have been lucky with my pick so my verdict is positive.

  • Operation: Semi fishbowl.
  • Location: Sukhumvit Road Soi 26.
  • Hours: 11am-24pm.
  • Price: 1800Thb 1-hour, 2300Thb 2-hours. More pricing options.
  • Number of girls: Average to low.
  • Quality of girls: Subjective. I saw 2 or 3 cuties, my pick was a great performer.
  • Website: snowwhitesoi26.com It has the info, but this website seems to not have been updated in ages.
  • The good: Cheap massage parlor, decent mamasan.
  • The bad: Nothing bad, but with so many quality shops around this place has a hard time standing out.

Snow white map

Absolute massage in Bangkok report

Absolute massage is a small shop located in the Sukhumvit 22 cluster, you might as well call this lovely street massage street because this area is packed with such lovely establishments. 

The owner is the same of Absolute is the same as Kiss massage, Bangkok Bunny Massage, Thai Candy Massage, and several other massage joints in the area. So It’s also safe to say that many of the girls from Absolute could be multi-employed at the other shops.

IMO this owner does an OK job because they have very comprehensive price menus and a decent quality of girls. Unlike many other oil massage shops which are kind of shady with the pricing. Absolute massage has a very easy to understand pricing list and even detail the happy-endings to receive. I love this unusual straightforward approach.

Another thing that stands out from this massage shop, is that they have male masseuses listed. And they even provide a happy ending option for girls, couples, or 2 girls-massage. Not bad. So might be actually one of the very places who openly advertise to give happy ending massages for girls in Bangkok.

My report on Absolute massage

I arrived at absolute on foot from the Phrom Phong BTS station at late afternoon. The mamasan greeted me and showed me the menu options. Shortly after I was checking the girls already.

There were a couple of other customers in the shop at the same time as me, so they did a lineup for all of us. Around 7 girls and it just took me a couple seconds to decide, I picked what I thought it was the best looking from the bunch, picked 30 minutes option full-service for 1600 and headed for the room.

I choose 30 minutes only because they offer such quickies. Usually, I have enough with just 1 hour and I reckon I can even do the same in a mere 30 minutes.

Vip room at absolute massage.

The girl I did choose was a slightly chubby girl from Surin. Nothing out of the ordinary for this kind of shops, but in my humble opinion she was the best choice available no doubt. Plus she smiled at me, at that usually is a good sign.

I was tempted to do the Lingam or the Nuru options, as I am into trying new things, but I didn’t as I usually limit myself to try such things with girls I know deliver good performance.

Anyhow. In my 30-minute session, I did let the girl take the initiative as I didn’t want anything special. The back massage lasted 5 minutes, she saw I had a massive boner so she put a condom on me and did ride me furiously for 15 minutes give or take. She did put a good effort in to make me cum in the allotted 30-minute window, and in fact, it was obvious she was trying to make me cum as fast as possible.

But that’s expected, and all in all, I had no complaints.


No complaints really. Been happy with the service and the price. Would not have a problem returning here, but the choice and competence around is endless. 🙂

  • Operation: Sofa.
  • Hours: From 11 am until 12 am.
  • Adress: 265/4 Sukhumvit Soi 22.
  • Quantity of girls: Average.
  • Quality of girls: Average.
  • Websiteabsolutemassagebangkok.com. This website is modern and fast and is a pleasure to browse it. But it lacks a bit when it comes to girls pictures.
  • The good: The management is good, good pricing table, cheap.
  • The bad: Haven’t seen so many cute girls here, or I was unlucky.

Absolute pricing list. With happy ending type include. Now, that's what I call descriptive.

Absolute pricing list. With happy ending type include. Now, that’s what I call descriptive.

Angel 26 massage Bangkok report

Angel massage is one of the best happy ending oil massage parlor in Bangkok. Located in the famous Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 a cluster which contains many other good oil massage shops such as Dream heaven massage.

Alis, 21 years old. From Angel26 massage shop.
Alis, 21 years old. From Angel26 massage shop.

Angel massage shop is (without exaggeration) easily one of my favorite oily massage parlors in Bangkok, and I have been serviced well for years. I first ever visited Angel 26 around 8 years ago when it wasn’t as renovated as it is nowadays.

Angel massage has been operating for a total of 15 years non-stop and it’s a fail-proof recommendation.

Angel massage Bangkok report

So I received a phone call from my Japanese friend who works in Bangkok who asked me if I wanted to get a massage, I asked him back that I didn’t know he had the skill to give massages now. He didn’t understand my joke at all and insisted that if I wanted to go with him to the Angel massage shop to get a happy ending massage.

I agreed reluctantly, well, not really. I agreed in a split second.

Jane from Angel26.
Jane from Angel26.

A couple of hours later we did meet at the Phrom Phong BTS for having lunch because I insisted on it. And I specifically insisted to my friend to guide me to one of those good Japanese restaurants in Sukhumvit that only Japanese nationals know about. Or that’s a myth?, well I’m sure they are real. Plus of course, it will involve for him ordering good Jap food for me, and that never disappoints. 😀 The perks of having a Japo friend.

So I and my friend had an incredibly long, tasty, authentic Japanese lunch ( Sukhumvit has dozens of Japanese restaurants staffed by Japanese nationals). In which we discussed a lot of topics and the 75% of the conversation was gravitating around the woman.

Funny thing is that even the Japanese owner of the restaurant had quite a few things to say about this matter. I boldly asked him what was his opinion on Angel massage. He agreed that the place was decent and that the pretty girls do an effort to speak the Japanese language.

I think my friend was not so happy that I asked the owner for this kind of private whoremonger question, but not a bigger. After lunch, we headed to angel massage by foot, at around 3 PM, a fantastic time to get laid.

Pim from Angel26 massage. The way I like em, petite and brown. Cute as hell.
Pim from Angel26 massage. The way I like em, petite and brown. Cute as hell.

I first visited Angel massage like 8 years ago when I followed someone else’s recommendation, and it was a great experience back then that didn’t disappoint. To see in this recent visit that that Angel 26 shop has been renovated is such a joy because this shop looks better than ever. Many new rooms have Jacuzzi even.

Now, once we entered the shop, the mamasan explained us the operation in English in like 12 seconds and rushed us to the fishbowl room. So we were standing up in front of a room full of ladies, who also actively look at you.

We also stand up beside other customers, it’s a funny thing to see someone else pick a girl. But when they spot a real cutie and choose her before I do, I just can say damn!. Good pick.

At this stage is also a decent idea to pick a girl who actively smiles at you. If she is extra friendly to you, that’s a nice thing.

The choices were huge, more than 20 girls in the room. I pointed to the mamasan who I wanted. A not so short, fair-skin Thai girl who looked not so young either and headed to the room. My buddy picked a girl too.

After that, we did choose 1 hour because that’s the sweet spot. More than 1 hour is waste of time, if you don’t do what you want to do in 1 hour, 2 hours won’t do. 2 hours sessions are cut shot anyways, the girls waste time. Etc.

That, unless you plan to negotiate multiple pops, but I never take that route.

The girl did a professional job. Helped me to shower, managed me properly, etc. GF experience wasn’t there, but I didn’t want it anyways. Regardless of this, at the end of the session, she even gave me her phone contact.

To tip or not to tip?

I usually don’t tip. And in fact, I hate the guts of the tipping culture with much passion. In massage joints and out of it. I like to pay the price on the paper, end of story.

I would not care if the price on the menu hypothetically had an already inflated 12% at price already added by default, but to have to calculate the price and add tips to an already high price tag by myself is ridiculous. And the worse thing is that nowadays, tipping is expected of you in Thailand. And even more ridiculous that sometimes you will tip the girl and she looks disappointed.

For me that’s it. If the choice is up to me I chose to tip a grand total of Zero.

I only tip if the service was is way over the top, or if, in fact, I want to see her again relatively soon. And you guys should do the same, DO NOT TIP BY DEFAULT. I know, Americans will have serious trouble understanding this. But yes, don’t tip unless there’s a reason.

Is a damn shame how Thai people kind of embraced the tipping culture so fast, or maybe is just us Farangs fault to begin with. But rules of courtesy don’t really apply with Thai hookers from massage shops, period.

Wawa of Angel26 massage... Kickass!
Wawa of Angel26 massage… Kickass!
"L", of Angel26 masssage Bangkok. One of the reasons I love this place.
“L”, of Angel26 massage Bangkok. One of the reasons I love this place.


The renovation has been fantastic. The place is better than ever. And the quality of girls is even higher now.

Angel 26 is a place orientated to Japanese and Korean customers, yes, but they serve to English speaking customers with no problem.

One of the most solid massage shops in this area and I love this place.  Highly recommended.

  • Operation: Open fishbowl on a sofa.
  • Opens from: 11am – 12 pm
  • Quantity of girls: Many girls, always 20+ on duty. The website list a whopping 120+ girls (no kidding).
  • Quality of girls: Varied but great overall. But with so many chicks there is a better chance for jewels.
  • The shop has 40 rooms, more than many hotels.
  • Pricing: 1900 thb 1 hour.
  • Girl gallery shortcut: here.
  • Website: angelbangkok26.com Very good website with a lot of information and many broken and funny English. Also many pictures of all the listed girls. The website gets updated often in both Japanese and English.
  • The good: Many girls in this solid shop.
  • The bad: Japanese customers steal the cute ones. 😛

Angel massage door.
Angel massage door.

This video cracked me up. Looks like this dude filmed hidden camera footage of the fishbowl itself. I can vouch is the real Angel massage fishbowl. A dude with balls.

Boss massage Bangkok review and prices

Boss is another good happy ending massage parlor located in the famous Soi 24/1 (Soi Airi). A notable spot for those looking for a happy ending in Bangkok. Now, Boss26 is a decent shop, although I usually end up going to the devil I know and I visit the more famous Angel26, EZ massage or 101 Dream massage.

boss massage nuru
This is the sweet spot.

Boss shop itself has around 25 girls listed on their website but 6 to 10 working usually. Is a slightly cheaper place but the girls are good too and I don’t mind the discount.

For those who want to stay in this area I recommend these hotels:


Lately, I have been visiting long-forgotten or new massage parlors. Visiting for the first time new joints in which I have never been or re-visiting old places that I have not been at in ages. I will report about those soon because I have been doing the visits but not the reports yet. 

So I thought that visiting 2 new happy endings per week in Bangkok is not that crazy or far-fetched. 🙂

2 weeks ago I was in Boss massage and discovered gladly the place has been renovated plus now they use blue uniforms that gave me hots, instead of the pink costumes they used in the past.

Upon entering I was presented with 6 girls. I could not say that any of them was ugly but none stood out particularly. But as I always say, it doesn’t matter if the whole lineup is a disaster because you just only need to pick one cutie. The one you want for yourself.

And so I picked a slender cutie with a very long black hair who gave me a really nice smile before I even picked her and that set all my green lights on fire.

So I paid initially for the 40 minutes with the Nuru gel option which cost me 1800 and we headed to the rooms.

The action

We took a really quick shower and this girl started right away spreading Nuru gel all over my body on the bed. The girl was absolutely charming with a big smile and she had a much better body naked than what I initially imagined. So I knew that the GF experience was going to be good.

The girl was great and once I discovered that her massage technique was good too. I asked her to extend the time to 1,5 hour, to which she agreed, again with a smile.

I don’t usually extend times with girls, I usually do what I must and save my money to visit another day. But man, was this chick hot.

Upon my suggestion, we moved to the mat on the floor in which she did the real soappy to me with the Nuru gel. She worked really fast on me, massaging me with her body. Upon my suggestion, I turned face down and told her to start to fap me from behind while she was massaging my back.

Must have been the oil. But I came so damn fast.

After that, she massaged me for 10 extra more minutes more while we were having a basic talking in English. I knew I was not going to pop again, and it wasn’t even negotiated beforehand nor I wanted to bother. So I told her to shower to call it a day. We did. I tipped her (which I don’t always do) and went back home.

All in all. Awesome experience. Total damage 2500. (2200 + 300 tip).

shompooShompoo from Boss massage.

Nim. Nim from Boss massage in lovely blue uniform


Almost a hidden gem. Could be the place to be for those who want to become regulars. For me, I loved the GF experience and cheap price.

  • Operation: Lineup / Sit outside.
  • Open from: 10:00 ~ 24:00
  • Quantity of girls: Low.
  • Quality of girls: Mixed with some cuties. Quite decent.
  • Price: 1800Thb for 40 minutes.
  • Outcall: Possible. 3000Thb for 120 minutes.
  • Room upgrade: VIP room (Jacuzzi) can be had for extra.
  • Boss Massage facebook page: Here.
  • Boss Massage website: boss26massage.com. Basic website, with pictures and information.
  • The good: Cheap. Just go, pop, pay and go home.
  • The bad: Few girls. You just need 1, but for some, the options might not be enough.
From Boss massage facebook page.

In this short video, the outside of Boss massage parlor can be seen. Also some of the girls.